Steam is Down

Steam Down, Outage affect Gamer in all Region

Steam Down, Most of Gamers Facing the issue in all Region. According to the Down Detector, there is a spike in the Down report from all over the world. Gamers or users are commenting on twitter and some forums about this...
Best VPN Deals 2020

Best VPN Deals 2020 Free, Cheap and Lifetime offers

Heard of VPNs? Probably bevy of online censorships and secure connections. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to have a secure connection all over the internet. It hides or masks your IP address with thousands of...
IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN Review 2020, Is it Worth the Hype?

IPVanish does justify its name, as the service has a wide range of shared IPs to cover their subscriber's identity online and almost every time. IPVanish has mixed opinions. Few were satisfied with what they get for...

Best Fitness Tracker Watch to buy 2020

Alongside headphones, smartwatches are gradually becoming an essential complementaries with every smartphone these days. People have been buying for various reasons from simply tracking their steps to in-depth monitoring of health. And there are smartwatches made for...

Landingi Review 2020, Is it the best landing page builder?

Online marketing is so critical that there are tens, if not hundreds of page builder services rose up to let you make your custom landing page. Whether it's your webinar, product promoting, or merely a customer interaction; you have...

Best Video Editing Software for Youtube Videos

Hey, creative mind! Glad that you're looking for the best video editors, as we've compiled a list of five best software that aid you in making some vibrant videos. Hoping that you're a computer editor, we've mentioned a few...
ExpressVPN Review Image

ExpressVPN Review 2020, With deals Is it the best VPN for Netflix?

Virtual Private Network, or VPN popularly, is the best choice one can make for securing themselves online. Many opportunists and even our government could be spying on us if we found suspicious. This could be a pity,...

Coronavirus Stats: Maps, Death Tolls, Worldometer

Coronavirus Stats: Novel Coronavirus has caused enough havoc already. The bloody virus is spreading like a wildfire and doesn't seem to be halting anytime soon. The USA and European nations took the worst hit, followed by China and others....