A teaser image of the upcoming Honda Prologue electric SUV, which will be the company’s first battery-electric vehicle to be offered for sale in the United States, was released by Honda.

In addition, the company highlighted its hybrid vehicles as a way to respond to criticism that it has been slow to implement an electric vehicle (EV) strategy in comparison to its competitors.

The solitary image, which is merely a render and not a photograph of the Prologue in action, demonstrates the sport utility vehicle’s streamlined body lines as well as its beefy tyres. The Prologue is the result of a design partnership between the company’s studios in Los Angeles and Japan.

In addition, GM was involved in the product’s development. It’s clear that this combines elements of the past and the present, but the overall design is so understated that it makes Toyota’s BZ4X seem positively avant-garde in comparison.

The wheel wells are encased in the chunky cladding that is black all the way along the sides, and there is even more of it on the lower sills. The charging port is located on the front fender of the driver’s side of the vehicle.

The door handles and side mirrors both come in a contrasting black color, which stands out against the silver body.

Because the rendering only shows the Prologue from a front three-quarter perspective, the back of the building is difficult to make out.

If one looks at the point where the back fender is attached to the D-pillar, one can see that the back of the vehicle has a chiseled appearance just like the front.

These electric vehicles will be constructed on a variety of Honda’s forthcoming EV architectures, some of which will be developed in conjunction with General Motors.

The Honda Prologue and Acura EV will both be constructed on GM’s Ultium platform, which is also used for the construction of the Hummer EV pickup truck and the Cadillac Lyriq SUV. These vehicles will be manufactured in Detroit.

By the year 2030, Honda intends to introduce thirty new electric vehicles, and the company anticipates selling two million of these vehicles.

After beginning sales of the Prologue in 2024, Honda intends to begin production and sales of new electric vehicles based on its e-Architecture in 2026.

In 2027, the company will have affordable electric vehicles that were also developed in collaboration with GM. The Prologue will initially only be available in states that have achieved zero emissions, but after that, it should start making its way to other states in the United States.

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