Meet our dedicated

Showcase Team

Jagmit Singh


Jagmit has worked as a Journalist for nearly a decade has contributed to several Large Publications

Atharva Gosavi


Atharva is full time Sports Journalists. Experienced Analyst with a demonstrated history of working as a freelance sports writer. He time to time contributed to Sportskeeda, Fansided and Sportsmonk.

Rahul Verma


Rahul's my expertise lies firmly in tech. He write for BabbleSports.

Pahul Singh


He is Certified Web Designer, SEO Expert, Social Media Marketer and having experience of 5 years in Facebook Marketing and 3 years in Blogging.

Manikanta Immanni

Technology Editor

Manikanta Immanni, an MBA graduate with core interests in Investments, Law, Writing and Speaking. Besides writing on tech stuff, he works on projects related to student issues and citizen rights.