In this day and age of rapidly disseminating video clips and illegally obtained footage, all it took to ruin the most recent season of Stranger Things was an old-fashioned board game.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, images from a Stranger Things-themed Monopoly game tie-in that have been circulating online have revealed major plot points that will be featured in the upcoming fourth season of the popular Netflix science fiction show.

The cast and showrunners of Stranger Things have only shared cryptic information about what to expect in the upcoming fourth season of the show. This has led to a general lack of specifics regarding the upcoming season, which is expected to be the longest and most terrifying installment in the series.

In a previous tweet, star Millie Bobby Brown teased, “You all will have the opportunity to witness some of the creepiest and most terrifying things that I have ever witnessed in my life as a human being. For sure.”

Despite this, Stranger Things Season 4 is only the penultimate season and will not conclude the story in a manner that can be considered conclusive. The Duffer brothers have in the past confirmed that the show will be canceled after the fifth season.

They went on to explain, “When we first conceived of Stranger Things seven years ago, we had the entire story mapped out… When we first heard the story, we speculated that it would span between four and five seasons. It turned out to be too large to tell in just four parts, but as you will see for yourselves in the near future, we are now racing toward our conclusion.”

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