Today OnePlus is making the official announcement of three new products that are more reasonably priced for the European market. These products are the OnePlus Nord 2T, the Nord CE 2 Lite, and the Nord Buds wireless headphones.

The Nord 2T, which has a price tag that begins at £369 (or €399), is essentially an upgraded model of the Nord 2 that was released the previous year. A more affordable alternative to the Nord CE 2 is the Nord CE 2 Lite, which can be purchased for a starting price of £279 (or €299) Last but not least, there are the Nord Buds, which have a price tag of £49 (€49).

The latter two made their debut a month ago in India, but they won’t be available to purchase there until the 24th of May.

Aske Kjaer from OnePlus Europe claims that the goal behind the development of the Nord was to eliminate mediocre performance. The Nord series is the most lucrative smartphone offering from the brand.

There is a OnePlus Nord sold in approximately every other smartphone that is purchased in Europe. The lightning-quick and trouble-free experience should not be confined to the mobile device alone; consequently, the OnePlus brand has introduced the Nord Buds. The company has developed racing games to give customers a taste of what the device can do.

This is a revision rather than an entirely new model because it has almost the exact same performance as the Nord 2, almost the exact same 6.43-inch 90Hz AMOLED display as the Nord 2, and exactly the same camera and battery systems.

However, it is not quite identical to the Nord 2 in every respect. The OnePlus 10 has inherited the OnePlus 10 Pro’s lightning-fast 80W charging capability, in addition to the Pro’s marginally quicker and more power-efficient Dimensity 1300 processor. However, what we are discussing here are gains of only a marginal nature.

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