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Manikanta Immanni, an MBA graduate with core interests in Investments, Law, Writing and Speaking. Besides writing on tech stuff, he works on projects related to student issues and citizen rights.

AVG antivirus review, Internet Security for PC, Mobile and Macbook

Antivirus isn't something you could avoid. As protecting your device should be your utmost job if you're storing anything important in it. Thus, AVG is one of the finest products we recommend giving a try. As Avast bought AVG in...

Contagion full movie English, Hindi, Spanish Dubbed- Must Watch Movie

If you're stuck at homes like us, you're also probably be watching updates about Coronavirus. While we can't help but stay at home, we could learn more about it by foreseeing the consequences. What if I say there's a...

Best VPN 2020 for PC, Mobile and Streaming

I hope you're one of us. An employee, student or other, you probably be restricted to home like us due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and eventually be staying for another month or so. This should have increased your...

Best Free VPN of 2020: Hotspot Shield, TunnelBear, Windscribe

VPNs are the best way to shield yourselves from authorities. If not for secret activities, at least for general activities. You may have heard about VPNs being helpful for unblocking content that's restricted geographically or browsing safely, but there's...

My Secret Terrius: Where and How to watch this Coronavirus referencing series

As if we're not hearing much about Coronavirus conspiracy theories, a web series named My Secret Terrius referenced this pandemic two years ago! This Korean series from 2018 has clean references to Coronavirus, as few short videos twirling in...

Best Work From Home Softwares: Coronavirus Lockdown

As we all assumed, quarantine is inevitable. Novel Coronavirus has restricted everyone to their homes until a vaccine arrives, which is never going to be so soon. Thus, we're told to work from home anyway just to hold our...

How To Host a Quick Zoom Video Conference Under 5 Minutes!

Zoom video conferencing is a great tool for remote meetings. This platform can set a virtual meeting among anyone with adequate resources and get the work done easily, quickly. And amidst quarantine periods caused by outbreaks as Coronavirus, tools...

Here’s what Apple may launch if WWDC 2020 happens successfully

Apple's in list of companies that's gearing up for a global conference, and probably cancelling it due to coronavirus. The Cupertino firm has WWDC 2020 event coming up in June this year, predicted by previous trends. This could possibly...