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Manikanta Immanni, an MBA graduate with core interests in Investments, Law, Writing and Speaking. Besides writing on tech stuff, he works on projects related to student issues and citizen rights.

Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus is a Great Car To Drift

Just after Tesla's Model 3 was seen driving itself more sensibly in hard foggy conditions, the same vehicle of Standard Plus edition was tested by a YouTuber in drifting capabilities. And yeah, it's great in that too! Ever since there...

Tesla Model 3 Drives Itself Perfectly Well in Dense Fog Conditions

A YouTuber has reviewed Tesla's ability to auto-drive itself in a dense foggy condition. And this test appears to have gone good and appreciate Tesla's functionality. We now believe the Autopilot feature is more ready than ever. Chris, with his...
Windows 10 Themes

Windows 10 Theme : Microsoft Lists a Premium 4K Wallpapers

Microsoft, being the base software provider for most of the people in the world, has enough resources coming every time to alter and personalize the experience for users. In that pursuit, many developers and artists may work to put...

Guardian XO ExoSuit can make Human 20 times more stronger

We all have thought of this. There would be some robotic company making the Iron Man suit possible one day. While we're thinking of this to happen some hundreds of years later, there's a company hailing from Salt Lake...
VPN Deals 2019

VPN Deals Upto 90% off on NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish Coupon

Virtual Private Network, or popularly VPN, is something hides your shit and helps you bypass locational restrictions. Many people use this service to gain network speeds, access blocked content or to surf the web privately. Whatever it could be,...
Baby Yoda Memes

Baby Yoda memes, Celebs Reaction to the Mandalorian Cute Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda, the only name that's twirling in social sites dynamically these days. With the launch of Disney Plus streaming service, fans flocked together on its shows like Simpsons, Star Wars, High School Musical etc. The big show that's...
Tesla Premium Connectivity

Tesla Premium connectivity subscription cost will be at $10 per month

Tesla, the American electric carmaker is all set to charge their customers for the internet connectivity it's been offering for free all these years. Being an all-electric vehicle, it modernizes periodically only by receiving updates from the company. It...
Chinese Tesla Roadster Costs Same as Tesla Model S

Chinese Tesla Roadster Costs Same as Tesla Model S

China tried making their own version of Tesla. And here it is; Today, a Chinese manufacturer showcased a fully electric car that's resembling Tesla's Roadster. With the price of Tesla's Model S, this brand new electric car is named...