My Secret Terrius: Where and How to watch this Coronavirus referencing series

As if we're not hearing much about Coronavirus conspiracy theories, a web series named My Secret Terrius referenced this pandemic two years ago! This Korean series from 2018 has clean references to Coronavirus, as few short videos twirling in...

Xiaomi Launched Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro; Snapdragon 865 & 108MP Cameras

While the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro were not secret devices, launched over a month ago in China, today Xiaomi is catching up on what was originally planned to be a global product reveal and launch event for...
Reddit Down

Reddit down – Due to outage Users getting 503, 504 Gateway Time-out

Reddit is hit right now. All the users are getting the 503 or 504 Gateway time Out error on their screen. Some of the users get the message "Our CDN was unable to reach our servers". Page loading taking...

Best Zoom Alternatives for work from home: Coronavirus Lockdown

If you're in quarantine and need to get your job done anyway, here's a way. Video conferencing is the best option one could try in this hard period to assist or be assisted by someone. Well, you may try...

Best Work From Home Softwares: Coronavirus Lockdown

As we all assumed, quarantine is inevitable. Novel Coronavirus has restricted everyone to their homes until a vaccine arrives, which is never going to be so soon. Thus, we're told to work from home anyway just to hold our...
Snapchat down outage effect too many region

Snapchat Down: Messaging App not Working all over the world

Snapchat is down right now all over the world. This is may be due to the google server outage issue. Right now all the google servers are facing the outage issue. All the services which are directly or indirectly connected...

Youtube Down right Now!

Youtube Down right Now in some region. Not all the features of the youtube is down. But some of the features are not working. Some Users are getting an error, "This page isn't available sorry about that. Try searching for...

Google Classroom Down right Now, Students and Teachers getting 504 error

Google Classroom down right now in every region. Everone using this cm from google is getting a 504 error. Due to the coronavirus lockdown all over the world, everyone is working from home. Schools and colleges are shutdowns. That's why from...