Duo and Meet, two of Google’s existing video-calling applications, are going to be merged into a single platform, the company announced today. In a relatively short amount of time, Google Meet will be the only option available, and Google has high hopes that it will become the only calling app that users require for virtually every aspect of their lives.
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This follows Google’s decision to separate Hangouts into a variety of standalone apps earlier this year. The consumer and workplace messaging and video calling applications were two entirely separate entities. From there, we moved on to using Duo, Allo, Chat, and Meet instead of Hangouts. They will now be consolidated into a single app.

On the other hand, Google Meet began life as Hangouts Meet, a videoconferencing service that was integrated into Hangouts (another platform that is no longer operational; do you see a pattern here?). In 2020, Google Meet was spun off as its own entity. During the pandemic, Google Meet gained popularity as a Google-service integrated alternative to Zoom; the fact that it was also free to use didn’t hurt its popularity either. In contrast, Hangouts Meet was not particularly well received by users.

Every one of us keeps dozens of different messaging apps on our mobile devices and desktop computers, and we use all of them on a daily basis. Google hopes that Meet will be the answer to that problem. In the hopes of bringing everything together in Meet by using Gmail addresses and phone numbers.

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