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Rafael Nadal Wins US Open Fourth Time, defeats Daniil Medvedev

Rafael Nadal is Close to the Federer, who wins the UP Open 5 times. Today, Nadal wins the fourth time US Open of his career. Rafael Nadal who is known as the king of Clay court can also perform DecoTurf....
Bianca Andreescu win $3.9m

Bianca Andreescu Wins $3.9m Prize Money

Bianca Andreescu wins the US Open 2019 Prize money of $3.9m. The last year prize money for the US Open women's singles winner was the $3.85m, but this year they increase the price money by half-million us dollar. This is the...
Bianca Andreescu wins US Open

Bianca Andreescu Wins the US Open 2019 by defeating Serena Williams

Bianca Andreescu wins the US Open 19-year old makes history by winning the US Open. In the final match of US Open Women's Final, she defeats the World's 8th number Serena Williams by 2-0. Bianca Wins the First set by 6-3....
Bianca Andreescu US Open

US Open: Bianca Andreescu Wins the First Set Against Serena Williams 6-3

Tennis star from Canada Bianca Andreescu wins her first set against Serena Williams by 6-3 in the US Open Final. Bianca Andreescu continuously impressing everyone with her skills. Last time Bianca played against the Williams in the Rogers Cup, which she...
World of war craft down

World of Warcraft Down due to DDoS Attack second time within a Day

"Blizzard has now confirmed that WoW Classic servers are suffering from a DDOS attack today." World of Warcraft down today second time. World of Warcraft is well-known games in the gaming world. This is online playing game, so players need to...
overwatch down

Overwatch down, Player ahead in queue

Overwatch is down right now. Players are not able to login into the game. They see 3000 players ahead of me in the queue. The wat released on May 26, 2016. It's working pretty well online but today it goes down...
Wikipedia is Down

Wikipedia Down, Encyclopaedia not working for too many users, Page not load

Wikipedia down and not loading for some users. This outage mainly affects Europe and Middle East region. The down first detected by the Down Detector website. Too many users also commented on the down detector forum regarding the issue. Wikipedia is the...
Bank of America Outage

Bank of America Website Down, Outage effects Can’t access credit card, Online Banking

Recently, Bank of America Servers Goes Down. Too many customer-facing the issues, related to online banking. According to the down detector, the bank server is down from last 2-3 hours. User sharing issue on forum website and micro-blogging site twitter. Customer can't...