TikTok announced on Wednesday that it is “exploring” its first ad-revenue sharing program that would offer a 50% share of the profits generated by certain ads to the top artists, public figures, or other media outlets whose content appears next to advertisements. To be eligible to participate in the program it is necessary to have a TikTok account needs to has minimum of 100,000 followers at first.

The short-video format application has seen a huge rise in recent times, with more than one billion active users worldwide however it has been criticized for not providing a means for creators to profitably market their content. They were announced as part NewFronts event, which is a week-long display of pitches by companies that run online media to generate interest from advertisers.

TikTok the social media app to share small, quirky videos run by Chinese company ByteDance It has seen a massive increase in popularity over the last few years however, the app is also battling issues from the US and across the globe concerning security for children, privacy information, user data, and content moderated.

In the new TikTok Pulse Program, businesses can put their ads on top of user content that is categorized in certain categories — like fashion, health cooking, gaming as well as other categories The creators of the content will receive a percentage.

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