Instagram full-screen feed

The latest Instagram test could make the app appear more similar to TikTok. As per TechCrunch, Instagram is testing vertical home feeds that are full-screen. After opening Instagram apps, the users will immediately get vertical content that is intended to “bring video to the front and front and.”

Of course, the real reason is that Instagram continues its efforts to draw our attention and away from TikTok. Meta the parent company of Instagram has stated on its earnings call this week that Reels the app, which is a TikTok replica, is now making more than 20 percent of the time that people spend on Instagram. On Facebook videos of all types are a major part of the time spent on the site.

As Instagram Stories has proven to be extremely successful in its use, it’s a bit odd that it’s gone off the main screen. But, this could change since this feature isn’t accessible to everyone yet.

As more platforms get closer to its rival TikTok and TikTok, the need to offer short form video will increase. The battle for short-form video features is heating up , and Google has entered the fray through its YouTube Shorts. The company also revealed in the last week that it plans to test advertisements for YouTube Shorts as it generates more than 30 billion viewers each day. In the same way that TikTok has grown in popularity the social media veterans are eager to join in the fun.

Instagram’s decision to test feeds focusing on video that is immersive doesn’t come as surprising. Instagram has been heavily pushing short-form videos to creators as well as users, and has offered cash rewards to creators who create the best Reels. It would also like to see you stop sharing TikToks on the platform.

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