To encourage users to the latest options, AT&T is raising the cost of some of its earlier Unlimited plans as well as Mobile Share plan. Users who are on a single line will face as much as a $6 monthly increase, while those who have family plans may see as much as $12 per month added to their bill as per Bloomberg.

The price hikes are an important change in an industry that has largely attracted new customers through discounts as well as free phones, and cheap family plans, even after the market was reduced to three players following the acquisition from Sprint Corp. by T-Mobile US Inc. in 2020.

Although AT&T did not explicitly blame inflation in its announcement however, the firm has admitted to the negative impact of the 40-year record of 8.5 percent in inflation to its operations. “There’s no doubt that there’s pressure on the entire spectrum of both services and goods and we’re certainly not protected from the pressure. I don’t believe anyone within the industry is protected from it, and it’s not a great position,” CEO John Stankey stated during the company’s earnings call.

There’s a listing of plans that are no longer available on the support website but it does not include the various variants that are available of Unlimited as well as Mobile Share plans which were removed between 2016 to 2020. If you sign up using this link, you’ll find out what plan you’re currently on.

Subscribers are feeling the greater cost of living, with an additional $300 to their monthly bills. It’s still to be determined whether they agree with AT&T’s demands to sign up for an expensive plan or resist.

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