Microsoft has announced the official launch of the newly announced “moving platform” feature for the HoloLens 2. It is created to let HoloLens 2’s augmented-reality headset operate in car-like environments. This solution addresses the long-standing HoloLens problem of changing environments that can confuse the sensors of the headset. The improvement was created in conjunction with Volkswagen who has been exploring using the headset to display a heads-up screen inside its automobiles.

“The brand new “moving platform” mode of HoloLens 2 addresses a significant issue with mixed reality headsets, and opens up the possibility for HoloLens 2 technology to be applied in new ways – teaching drivers how to deal with difficult road conditions, for instance or creating brand new customer experiences with autonomous vehicles. While Volkswagen is a leader in mobility but the technology may in the future be rolled out across different sectors,” Microsoft explained today.

This is the situation VW found out after it began exploring the possibility of using AR headsets that teach drivers how to navigate the racetrack more quickly. VW began collaborating with Microsoft to address the sensor issue in the year the year 2018. Eventually they created a prototype that could allow a car to show real-time data through a headset.

The new platform that moves for HoloLens 2 is already drawing interest from maritime businesses. It’s compatible for use on vessels of a large size, but Microsoft is exploring other uses for cars, trains elevators, as well as other moving environments.

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