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Manikanta Immanni, an MBA graduate with core interests in Investments, Law, Writing and Speaking. Besides writing on tech stuff, he works on projects related to student issues and citizen rights.

Mark Zuckerberg loses by $7 Billion After Companies Boycott Ads on Facebook

Many companies deciding to pause their ad spending on Facebook for a month, has negatively impacted its stock price that had fallen by 8.3%. This translated to washing off Facebook's market value by around $56 billion, which...
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TikTok Caught Red Handed Snooping iOS Users Data!

Reports reveal that TikTok and many other known apps are snooping on users' clipboard content which contains anything that the user has copied recently. This was initially reported in March this year, and many of those alleged...

Japanese Company Launched a Smart Mask to Translate and Transcribe Voices

The ongoing pandemic has forced everyone to maintain social distancing, try work-from-home methods and most importantly, to wear masks whenever we step out. While it's true that masks help us in avoid getting infected, wearing them for...

Google Pay Transactions Are Safe and Protected by Law: NPCI Clarifies

Misleading news is undesirable and often disturbing. A statement by RBI in Delhi court was misunderstood by Indians and led to believe that Google Pay is an unsecured platform for facilitating financial transactions. This was now cleared...

Deliverr Review 2020: A tool for online sellers

E-commerce companies looking for third party services for order fulfilment here's an affordable yet best option for you. Deliverr, a company that's serving the budget online sellers from various platforms with Amazon's Prime like service. Deliverr's potential...

Chinese Have Attempted Over 40,000 Cyberattacks Against Indian Organizations in Just 4-5 Days!

Maharashtra Cyber Cell has issued an advisory regarding the increased cyber-attacks on Indian firms. The attacks counted to a massive 40,300 in number, and are directed mostly from China. The Cyber Cell has also warned organisations and...

Hong Kong’s Internet Future Is At Risk Due to US-China Tensions

Poor Hong Kong, which is more under the Chinese administration rather than an independent country, is now facing the heat emitted by US-China tensions. A report submitted by Team Telecom to FCC describes the insecurity of cables...

OnePlus CEO Confirms to Bring More Affordable Phone Soon!

OnePlus has cleverly sneaked into the loose flagship space that's highly dominated by Apple, Samsung and Huawei for years. And after earning adequate fame in top tier realm, the Chinese corp is set to launch affordable handsets...