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Chiefs or Saints are most likely to be NFL 2018-19 winners as predicted by...

With Divisional Rounds coming near, the predictions of the fans are being analyzed from day to day. However those are just the opinions and predictions, and can't be taken for sure but still, they affect the air...
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Some wonderful NFL performances from the wildcard rounds, admired by viewers

The Wildcard round for the current season are over and some of the best NFL performances by the players as seen by the audience has been noted, that might affect their future NFL career.

NFL Playoff Picture 2019 is about to set as the NFL Draft 2019 been...

The annual meeting for the NFL draft order for the coming season is about to be set in the coming April between all the franchises for the selection of players for NFL 2019 playoff.
NFL wild card games 2018-19 season

Final Eights ready for the Divisional Clashes this weekend

After this long wild-card round clashes finally, 8 teams have made it through the divisional round clashes. As everybody is eagerly looking ahead to the divisional games to start, let's have the look...
NBA Season 2018-19 players standings

Celtics almost out for the quarter-finals from Western, as well as Clippers and Rockets...

NBA League this season is on the verge of ending of its division stage matches. With only a few more clashes to go, it is almost clear for some teams whether they are qualifying to the quarter-finals...
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NFL predictions for the 2018/19 season are still beyond the fans estimates

The well-known American sports league NFL (National Football League) 2018/19 season matches are ongoing and in recent times are on the lips of every sports lover all over the US. As now wildcard Weekend matches look like...