Securing yourself online shouldn’t be an option, but a must. Every one of us is tempted to watch those restricted content, browse banned sites, etc, but will be prosecuted by law if found. Hiding our shit from such bodies are VPNs, who reroute our traffic virtually across their numerous servers globally. One such VPN that strictly protects its subscribers is VyperVPN. Here’s what is got.


VyperVPN gives you enough tools to protect yourselves online. The service has a clean UI with advanced settings to self adjust security features. It maintains no knowledge about DNS servers, thus making it hard for authorities to track users. Further, a single subscription could let 5 devices to be hooked up at a time.

After all, features aren’t the only ones that make a VPN reliable, but measures for securing users too. VyperVPN stands best at this. This Switzerland based service has a strict no-logging policy, that’s proved when publicly audited.  Switzerland is accredited for having and following stricter laws for safeguarding their citizen’s privacy, thus it acts in the best interests for its businesses too.

Discouraging parts are of no free version, limited locations, and average speeds. It does good with streaming content but isn’t that recommend for gaming on it. Yet, it’s got a ton of security features to consider.

Freeing users from censorship and watching blocked content from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, etc is easy. Bypassing these geographical limitations is made possible by VyperVPN’s Chameleon Protocol. This is one of the several standard VPN protocols VyperVPN relies on. This hides your connection from authorities, and will now not be able to see that you’re connected to a VPN.


Support in here is not just the customer service, but compatibility of devices too. VyperVPN has a bunch of apps to support almost any device, per se Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, and even Blackberry! Further, it supports a wide range of routers and TVs too. This makes your entire home network safe.

Average VPNs as CyberGhost, Surfshark may beat ExpressVPN in terms of reliability, but does stump down in pricing. VyperVPN in special comes with a bunch of features at an unimaginable prices. It’s now available for $2.50 a month if taken for two years. A yearly subscription too is fair, but why go short if the service is good. So give it a try: VyperVPN

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