Hey fella, you’ve already made a wise decision in picking TubeBuddy for handling your behind-the-scenes things. And let us make your choice more satisfying with this coupon, which slashes 25% off from the list price of any plan.

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Well, with such slashing deal in hand, have you decided which plan to purchase yet? If not, let us help you again with a brief idea of what TubeBuddy gives you with all of its paid plans.

We understand that the life of YouTubers isn’t easy. So having tools like TubeBuddy is a great decision to automate most of the basic jobs, and focus better on creative content. While TubeBuddy’s got a free plan, it’s recommended to only beginners who do content creation for fun. But if you’re serious, bumping to paid plans will lift the cap in most of the advanced features as below.

Premium Features

Starting with video editing, you have simple toolbar to edit videos, create GIFs, emoji picker and do A/B testing before publishing. Further, there are tools like Tag Explorer and Sorter for finding relevant tags for your video. There’s an Auto Translator for translating your tags and subtitles for reaching the audience better.

TubeBuddy is praised for its SEO help and competitor tracking tools. You can live to check the stats and get your content descriptions, tags, meta etc audited before publishing to avoid complications with YouTube later. You can check your channel’s health reports and it will suggest things that can improve your revenue.

You can track your competitor’s performance and see what all you can grab from them to stay at the top. Most of these features are available in Paid plans only. Thus, we encourage you to choose the one that suits you. We recommend learning more about TubeBuddy before making a decision.

Offers on Plans

If you’re a beginner, the free plan may suit your needs. But if you’re a serious YouTuber with aims for earning revenue, pick the Pro plan which starts at just $9/month. If you’re having higher needs and bulk processing of content etc, we recommend going for Star or Legend plans that are priced $19/mon and $49/mon respectively.

And note, if you’re a beginner needing premium tools, TubeBuddy is offering a flat 50% off the Pro plan, making it to just $4.5/mon. And if you choose to pay yearly, you can cut off another 20% from that price! This yearly benefit applies to all three plans. So choose wisely. Try TubeBuddy

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