Being a YouTuber isn’t easy. Even at the beginning stages, you have to manage a lot of things like video editing, tracking followers, and their preferences. And being creative amidst all these is difficult. Thus, tools like TubeBuddy come handy, as they’re simple and makes your job easier. Here’s how your choice, TubeBuddy is worthy.

TubeBuddy Features

Basic Editing

Starting with the video, you’ll have a quick editing toolbar packing all the necessary features. From cut/pasting your video clips to a single long video to adding attractive thumbnails, it has all. There are an emoji picker, GIF generator and A/B testing for choosing best visuals among two different clips. Further, there’s even a customizable checklist you can prepare to make sure you’re not missing anything before publishing.

SEO Tools

Besides gaining popularity, every YouTuber’s goal would ultimately be earning money. And that depends on various factors like views count, referral or affiliate commissions, brand promotions etc. And TubeBuddy’s got all the tools to help you achieve that goal.

There are tag Explorer and Sorter for finding the best tags that help you drag your video up in the results. These tools can find relatable tags for your video (upon manually entering to check them) and tell you how worth they’re. Not just the Explore, buy a Sorter to even help you choose which one to set first based on popularity.

There’s an Auto Translator for translating your videos’ subtitles and even the tags to reach more regional people.

Response Handling

Being regularly appreciated by your community is the only way you can stay longer in this field. And to do so, you have to learn their responses on every video you shared, and craft your next video accordingly. While this can be a daunting task to go through all the comments and replying to all, you can at least do this better with TubeBuddy.

It gives an option to filter all the comments like those including questions, positive feedbacks, negative statements, profanity remarks etc. Thus, you can jump into those you’re looking for quickly and address them. There’s even an option to automate few replies based on general comments, and replying from notification bar etc. Handling responses as these will help save a lot of time.

Competition analysis

You can track how your competitor is performing with a competitor scorecard, and all similar tags they’re using. You can get alerted whenever there’s a new video from your competitor. Besides, TubeBuddy also helps you choose the best time to publish your video! All to push you up, for better.

Auditing and Monitoring

This one’s incomparable. TubeBuddy audits all the tags, meta, and other stuff of your content before being posted so that you’re not violating YouTube’s policies. Further, you can Social monitor to see how users are responding, Health Report to check how your channel’s performing and Demonization Audit for checking what’s affecting your revenue.

At last, it has Channel Access to let any of your clients or colleagues to share the work of channel, do the content backup, check export comments to CSV files for later reading and even channel’s valuation, which can help in price-fixing for any brand promotions. All in all, it’s a complete suite you grow better on YouTube than those who are wasting time on simple automation.


To feel glad, TubeBuddy is having a freemium version that packs lost of the essential features. But, paid plans do show their worth. Besides the free plan, TubeBuddy is having three commercial plans to choose from. The Pro plan ($9/mon), Star ($19/mon), and the Legend plan ($49/mon). While the free plan does most of the basic job, it lacks many helping features like Tag Explorer, Direct Video Publishing on various platforms, competitor tracking, and many other SEO features.

And the software is available for both phones as an app and browsers as an extension. And you’re a company handling at least 20 channels, there’s an enterprise plan too. So you could use this as per your resources. If you’re using a mobile app, you can check all the stats and set all features to your video from the app. And if by browser extension, it integrates with YouTube desktop as a drop menu, from where you can access all its features. So, which one you’re trying?

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Is tubebuddy safe?

It is safe, but we can’t say its totally safe. Because every online application have some bugs. If someone hacks the tubebuddy’s database, then hackers only have your stats or other things, but they can’t get your user name password of your account. That means your channel will be safe, but other statics, which available only to you can’t be safe.

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