What does ISTG mean in text?

The word ISTG stands for “I Swear to God“.

You’ve probably heard the phrase heard in the everyday spoken language. It’s akin to the very well-known OMG (Oh My God) acronym that has been dominating the internet for years. So, the most common Full form of ISTG is “I Swear to God“.

ISTG Meaning in Text

ISTG is among the internet-based acronyms that are not just hard to guess, but extremely rarely utilized. It is important to know the meaning of it when you see it on the internet or in a text, however, could give an entirely new meaning to the message or conversation.

What does ISTG mean on Snapchat and TikTok?

I Swear to God” is an oath made before God. It’s meant to show that the person speaking/sending the oath is not acting in a dishonest or frivolous manner. But both the phrase “I Swear to God” and the abbreviation ISTG are used today to such a large extent with no thought, that they have no impact.

I swear God” It’s an expression of being sincere with regards to something else or to express the most extreme frustration towards an individual.

Friend~Your such a liar your dad didn’t buy you a Lamborghini.

Me~He did, istg!

Friend~ ha Ah they are wealthier than you.
Me~istg you so annoying”

Origin of ISTG

The expression “I swear to God” is used for centuries and originates directly from the Old English word “swear” which means swearing. It is a reference to swearing or commitment to God that is not something to take lightly as it is a risk that the person who is saying it could be punished in the event of lying. The phrase was later applied to texting and chatting as they became more popular and was later shortened to “ISTG” for convenience.

Where is ISTG employed?

It is utilized in many ways to convey emotional sincerity. The most popular ways to make use of ISTG are

  • to communicate confidence in the face of doubt. When someone doesn’t trust you on something you are certain to be the truth The use of ISTG can persuade them to believe you’re being honest.
  • A promise to alter the way you conduct yourself or your actions. If you or other people think that you aren’t able or won’t make a change yourself, you may employ ISTG as a method to reassure yourself that you’re committed to changing.
  • to make a threat appear more frightening. If you’re trying to get someone to not do something you aren’t happy with You might be able to achieve this using ISTG to deter aggressive actions.
  • It is a general interjection that is generally used. When something is going contrary to what the person considers to be acceptable or appropriate, the word ISTG could be employed as an abrupt exclamation like JFC, WTF, DWP, WSP for the purpose of expressing emotion.

History of ISTG

The expression “I swear to God” has been used for long periods of time, possibly since the 13th century. It is a courtroom oath, which traditionally reads “I swear by Almighty God that the evidence I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The shorter form of “I swear to God” is becoming commonplace in casual English to refer to “I promise this is true.” The ISTG abbreviation is the most natural abbreviation for the text of the phrase. In recent times the word has even outshined the original version in use!

IGST meaning or Full Form

IGST full form is Integrated Goods and Services Tax. Don’t confuse between IGST and ISTG. ISGT is mostly used while texting on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media apps. While IGST is used as a short form of Integrated Goods and services tax.

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