DWU Meaning

In texting, “DWU” means Don’t Wait Up. You can use it to avoid having anyone to be waiting on their phone. Not only this there are various possible meanings of DWU.

But, commonly “DWU” is an Internet acronym that means “don’t be patient,” which literally means “don’t remain awake and wait for someone to show up or contact you.” Don’t wait to be waiting is also used in a casual way to refer to “don’t be concerned over me.”

From where does word DWU Come from?

In the early 2000s, people began to use the shortening don’t have to wait until the word DWU in text and social media. DWU is initially listed in the form of an abbreviation for don’t be patient in the 2007 Urban Dictionary entry.

What does DWU mean in Universities?

Meanings of the acronym/abbreviation/shorthand DWU in the Universities field is Divine word University. Divine Word University is a national Catholic university in Papua New Guinea. It is one of the newest tertiary institutions in the country.

There are many other universities and colleges which are named DWU in shorthand. These are Dakota Wesley University, Dakota Wesleyan University, and Dimension Wars University.

What does DWU mean in Unclassified?

There are many other full forms of the word DWU that are unclassified means Drinking-Water Unit. Other Unclassified full forms of DWU are Dealing with Users and Deaf Women United.

What does DWU mean in Wrestling?

DWU in the Sports field in general and in the Wrestling terminology in particular mean Devastation Wrestling Unleashed.

What does DWU mean on Internet?

On the internet, DWU’s full form is “Dats what’s up”. A catchphrase; Also known as a comeback in an argument; dats wats up is also known as that’s what’s up written in the ghetto form

What does DWU mean in IT (Information Technology)?

In IT DWU means Data Warehouse Unit. The term “data warehouse” is also referred to by the name of an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is a system that can be used to report and analyze data and is considered to be a key part of business intelligence. It is a central repository for data analysis and reporting. DWs serve as central repositories that contain connected data that come from a variety of sources. They keep historical and current information in one place which is utilized for the creation of analytical reports for employees across the company.

What does DWU mean in Automotive?

In automotive, there are different means of DWU. The most commonly used abbreviation is Driving while unlicensed or undocumented, It means you are driving without having your driving license or other required documents in a particular state or region. It is a legal offense to drive without a license in some states.

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