What Does WSP Mean in Texting?

WSP means in texting is “what’s up“. It’s the most commonly used slang all around the world for asking people what they are doing in the present moment.

It’s usually employed as a way of greeting them by text or via social media. It also comes with many other meanings, but they are much less popular.

One must be aware when using any of these other meanings for WSP since one would generally assume that the speaker is meaning “what’s up” unless otherwise specified.

WSP Means What’s UP

The primary use of WSP abbreviation in text messaging and online communications is to ask questions. In this sense, WSP means “What’s Up?,” meaning “What’s happening?” “What’s New?” Or “How are things with you? “.

There are many other shortcuts meanings in different regions. In some regions, people are using it as a “Weed Smoking Party“. They are saying Hey you going to that WSP tonight?

WSP also Means Whatsapp?

WSP means “what’s Up”. It sounds quite similar to the “WhatsApp” messaging app. So, some people are also confused with WhatsApp, also using the WSP abbreviation for mentioning the WSP in their chat or while a conversation.

What does WSP mean in Unclassified?

Abbreviated for Washington Square Park, located in New York City, NY at the intersection of 4th Street and 5th Avenue. Many of the NYU buildings are situated around the park, making it a central point of New York University’s campus.

1st Person: Hello man, where are you going tonight?

2nd Person: I don’t know. Let’s go to a park and do some girl-watching.
1st Person: “Aight, how’s Union Square?”
2nd Person: Nah. Too far. WSP?
1st Person: Okay, let’s get started!

WSP can be used to refer to “What’s up?” “WhatsApp,” and “White Skin Privilege.” It is an initialism abbreviation because it is pronounced using the individual letters (i.e. “Dblyoo Esspee”). WSP is rarely spoken using its letters. It is used primarily for efficiency in writing, not efficiency in speech.

What does WSP mean in the Community?

WSP is commonly used as “white skin privilege” in many communities. White Skin Privilege is a societal benefit that white people have over nonwhite persons in some societies.

Noel Ignatin, Ted Allen, and Ted Allen in 1967 published a pamphlet “The white blindspot”. They coined the term “White Skin Privilege” in short WSP.

What does WSP mean in Law & Legal?

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) is the U.S. state police agency. The Washington State Patrol’s primary mission is to provide a safe environment for motorcyclists. They are charged with enforcing traffic laws and investigating collisions.

What does WSP mean in Environmental?

In Environmental studies, WSP means a water supply network, or water supply systems are systems of hydraulic and engineered hydrologic components that provide water supply.


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