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Mark Zuckerberg, in an interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci on Thursday, has criticized Trump’s administration for acting improperly on Coronavirus containment in the US. He blamed the government for undermining the warnings of top scientists like Anthony Fauci and CDC and lifting lockdowns without proper measures.

Mark Zuckerberg Accused Trump’s Administration

In an interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease expert of America, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has openly accused the US government of not following the instructions laid down by health professionals and CDC. He said, “The government and our administration have been considerably less effective at handling this.”

This was later extended by Anthony Fauci, as many states had opened their economies too soon, despite controlling the rapidly rising Coronavirus cases every day. Further, though some have followed the reopening economic activity safely, citizens have turned blind on the seriousness of spreading. Thus, it led the US situation of Coronavirus handling to go out of hand.

Zukerberg going against the likes of Donald Trump is unusual since the Facebook founder was seen supporting the president in most of the hateful activities recently, which caused rage over the community. Donald Trump’s tweet as “When looting starts, the shooting starts” in response to protests across the US over George Floyd’s death, was considered hateful and removed by Twitter. But, Facebook let a similar post-stay.

This caused anger among the community, which resulted in some employees virtually protesting and even campaigns running to force companies to pause ad spending on Facebook platforms. Yet, Zukerberg defended it by saying the post is an intended public warning, but in June both Zukerberg and his wife expressed their disgust over Trump’s remarks.

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