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Microsoft 10 theme, being the base software provider for most of the people in the world, has enough resources coming every time to alter and personalize the experience for users. In that pursuit, many developers and artists may work to put their efforts into creating some fine advancements to the existing performance of the system. That could be either in tech or by look.

In terms of look, here’s what everyone does; Changing the wallpaper! Or to say, customizing few themes that they use most. These attempts give them a refreshed look and can enable them to be interested in working with the system more. And if you’re thinking of changing to a new wallpaper here you go.

Microsoft has just made a new premium pack of 4k images of high resolution available for free! This pack is set up for free downloading on its Microsoft Store. Microsoft in December updates some of their windows 10 themes.

Windows 10 4K Wallpapers Download Here:

Get them all here: Animal Mothers 2 Premium Pack

This new pack is described as, “The sweetness of these images of youngsters and their mothers, from fox to grizzly to chimp, speaks to the abiding bond they share. These 10 premium 4k images are free for Windows 10 Themes. These images are to be used as desktop wallpaper only.”

Also, Check out- Download Panoramic Cityscapes PREMIUM theme pack

This pack consists of photos that show the love between mother and baby animals. They range from tigers, horses, hippos, elephants, etc. This pack is rated for Everyone by, a rating guide that rates such as online resources.

Only available for PC, this pack has a download size of less than 30MB and can be activated (after downloading) from the
Settings ~ Personalization ~ Themes. This is only suitable for Windows 10 OS and users should be having a Microsoft account (free) to download them.

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