Windows update KB4535996

Microsoft has already a year’s worth criticism in just a month span. A cumulative update released by the software giant in early February has disrupted the community. The update named KB4535996 was supposed for patching any security issues and fixing search tools but turned out to be a nightmare for all those who installed it. Here’s what it did;


Blue Screen of Death is a nightmare. Few users reported their PCs with KB4535996 update installed were just stuck at BSOD, giving them no clues of what to do next.
Booting and Crashing

Those who’ve installed this KB4535996 update led their PCs to boot slowly, sometimes even becoming numb without any beeps too. This is annoying, showing off the back screen without any hints to solve could be hard for anyone. Besides, the worst scenario is totally crashing, without any chance of booting even.
Audio, Video and Slowdowns

The KB4535996 update is jeopardizing almost every process too. Many users in Reddit shared their concerns about dropped frame rates in games, heavy disk usage and thrashing problems. Further, it also affected few PCs by taking off their voice (audio) and with Visual Studio too.

A similar update rolled out earlier to this KB4535996 was Windows 10 KB4532693 Update, which had a bug that caused desktop files to go missing. Started with that, the KB4535996 update fueled future outrage in the community for additional problems. Microsoft suggested users uninstall the update if causing problems, but that’s been a daunting task.

Uninstalling, or to do anything, the system has to respond properly. But how can one navigate and uninstall the bugged update if the PC is dead, or bleeping without any hints to pass through? Here’s what you can do:

If you’re at the initial stages of these problems and have the PC working fairly, you can navigate to Update History from Windows Desktop Search and Uninstall the bugged update from View Your Update History. If not, try restarting the PC in Safe Mode (pressing F2 or Delete Key at BIOS screen) and follow the same steps as above. This would solve the issue.

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