WhatsApp will soon let users set messages to disappear after a while. The instant messenger has made an FAQ page regarding this new feature, that explained how this system works and how users can enable it. Several reports about this feature have been leaked earlier, and now WhatsApp conforms to bring this alive. Users should note that there’s always a way to keep messages even after disappearing.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

Users can now enable this feature in their chat options, and let the messages disappear in a week. If it’s a one-on-one chat, either of the users can enable this feature, so that the messages that are conversed after turning it in will be disappeared after a week. In terms of group chats, only the admin has this privilege.

WhatsApp has also listed out few cases where these messages, even after turning the disappearing feature on, may remain. It said that, if a user doesn’t open the app for seven days, the messages will still disappear, but remains to be seen from the notification panel as WhatsApp preview until opened.

Further, it a user in a chat quotes (replying to it) a disappearing message, then it remains even after the seven days. Also, messages that have been forwarded to others will be living too. Other cases include the backing up of WhatsApp chats, saves the disappearing messages, but will be deleted once the backup is restored.

It has also cleared the air regarding the disappearing of Media. Sadly, users who downloaded the media (photos/video/documents etc) will be saved to their device, this won’t be disappearing away. But, they sure do go away from the WhatsApp chats. Finally, WhatsApp warns users to use this feature only with the trusted contacts since anyone can try saving them in various ways like;

  • > Taking a screenshot of the conversation,
    > Copying and saving the messages elsewhere,
    > Capturing a photo of the conversation using a camera.
  • Learn how to enable this feature;

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