Do you know what’s really bad? Paying for a pricy Netflix subscription and still not able to watch all the shows we want. This could be hard, as we assume to stream all the content of Netflix from a single subscription, but the platform categorizes us geographically and shows only the content which is approved by our authorities.

While this being the case, you know, there’s always a way around such restrictions. And our suggestion is to choose the best yet legitimate service that can help you make this possible – VPN.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a popular choice if you want to stream all the blocked content. It’s the prime service you need if you care about your online privacy, as it encrypts all the traffic you create and transports throughout the internet securely. And in this process, it can let you bypass content restrictions too.

But, why blocking?

This could be of many reasons. Complaints from local authorities, unsuitable for the community, local distributors’ rights, copyrights, etc. As one distributor cannot take all the show rights, they’re prevented from being shown to his public. And governmental bans could avoid some too. And this is the reason why most people lean onto torrents even if they had the official Netflix subscription.

This seems bad, isn’t it? So here’s our propose – Choose any service from below that helps you stream your favorite content irrespective of your location. We have made a location bypassing test for all of these ranked them accordingly, check out;


Industry’s finest service with more than 8,000 servers! ExpressVPN is our pick as this can circumvent the geographical limitations and allows users to watch their shows at the finest speeds. After all the tests we did, we feel this is the apt solution for watching any location blocked content on Netflix.


If you feel ExpressVPN is expensive, try CyberGhost. This too has the same capabilities as ExpressVPN, but with slightly slower speeds. Yet, it’s one of the finest choices one can make.


Cheap and probably better. NordVPN offers the industry’s cheap VPN plans and still manages to secure connections. It too has thousands of servers to let you choose from and a simple interface to navigate.


Though not so popular as others, Windscribe does its job. Bypassing content restrictions to let you stream what desired is anyway fulfilled at reasonable prices.


Been since so long, VyperVPN is similarly capable as its peers. It’s a simple and intuitive dashboard lets you choose the server you want and stream freely.

After all, you may doubt if this process could be legal. And as we said, it’s truly legal and Netflix won’t block you for doing so. Instead of using fake Netflix accounts, where you can be blocked if caught, Netflix here knows you’re using a VPN and does nothing to stop you.

And if you stuck somewhere, fret not. Reach the VPN support immediately to solve your issues. The support teams of all the above-listed platforms are available 24/7 to assist their customers and let them have the fine experience they deserve.

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