The Model Y, which was unveiled earlier this year in March is said to be hitting roads in mid-2020. But as per new leaks, it’s expected to be delivered earlier to those who pre-ordered.

This news broke out by sources of suppliers to Tesla from Taiwan told a local newspaper that the company had accelerated parts orders for the Model Y and its all-electric commercial truck, Semi.

Further, an analysis by Deutsche Bank’s Senior Auto Technology Analyst, Emmanuel Rosner has strengthened this belief. As per CNBC reports, he wrote as “Taiwanese suppliers are now indicating that the Tesla is accelerating orders to enter mass production a full six months ahead of the original schedule. This would mean that the Model Y could be available to the public in the first quarter of next year.”

Tesla often struggles with production targets. The company tries very hard to match their self-imposed target dates. So if this launch could happen as beliefs, this will be termed as a great win for Tesla. There are reports that Musk has even ordered parts for other products as Cyber truck to be delivered soon.

In a Skype call with his investors in October this year, Elon Musk explained the production status of Model Y. Where is said as the activities are “ahead of schedule on Model Y preparations”. This makes him sure about moving the launch time from fall of year 2020 to somewhat earlier, summer 2020. He further said that, “there may be some room for improvement there” suggesting it could be launched even earlier!

Musk believes this new model can outperform in sales of Model S, Model 3 and Model X combined. While this being too confident, Model Y’s revelation suggests this could happen. It’s a better alternative to Model X in terms of size and price. We’ll look into future and see what buyers would do.

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