Strawberry Moon, a partial penumbral lunar eclipse that will be appearing on Friday noon, may not be seen by Americans! This incident, which NASA marks to be appearing on June 5, 3.12 PM EDT, is of Moon appearing opposite of the sun. Though this may last from Thursday morning to early Sunday morning (3 days), Friday’s afternoon is when you can the absolute picture.

There’s Always a Way Around

During this eclipse, the Moon may not be seen (clearly) by Americans, as it passes through the part of the shadow of the Earth. While you can still try with some instruments, it’s still a slight dimming Moon you see. So here is a service that captures the entire incident – Virtual Telescope Project.

Virtual Telescope Project live streams the entire lunar incident from Italy, which appears above Rome’s skyline. So join the web TV and wait for the scheduled time. This may go unnoticed by many as it doesn’t make any significant changes into our weather, but the spacecraft in Moon’s orbit like Lunar Reconnaissance Orbit (LRO) can notice the reduction of solar power.

And if you’re thinking the name Strawberry Moon is derived from its shady red colour, you’re wrong. It’s because it occurs in the short span of strawberry harvesting season in the north-eastern United States. And this occurrence is defined as Strawberry Moon. Well, there are several names one can define this incident. Some are Honey Moon, Mead Moon, Red Moon, Planting Moon, Posan Poya, Vat Purnima, LRO Moon and Rose Moon.

Join here for the stream: Virtual Telescope Project Web TV

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