As per the 3C certification site, Samsung’s upcoming model, Galaxy M41 is revealed to come with a huge 6,800mAh battery. If this handset is officially announced as per the leak, it will be the first phone to break through the 6,000mAh capacity. This handset is touted to launch along with Galaxy M51, which were paused citing ongoing pandemic breakout.

The South Korean giant has numerous records on its name. Samsung is just not into electronics, but also investments, construction, etc. Yet, it’s so popular and probably known to the entire world through its smartphones primarily. Samsung’s oldies were fairly appreciated but lost its charm in recent years. Since then, it’s aggressively trying to reinvent in all smartphone categories possible, to retain its lost fame.

Samsung’s New Phone to Posses Huge Battery

While it’s already doing with excellent cameras and new processors, the company is also breaking borders in battery capacity. A new handset named Galaxy M41 has just spotted on China’s Compulsory Certification (CCC or 3C), where it’s recorded the phone to feature a massive 6,800mAh battery To date, no smartphone has exceeded a battery capacity of more than 6,000mAh.

Thus, if Samsung launches this, it would be the first one to attain this feat. Well, there was a phone from Energizer, called Power Max P18K Pop that touted to possess an unbelievable 18,000mAh battery. But it was canceled somehow. So, Samsung still has the chance. As per the listing, a company named Ningde Amperex Technology Limited was tasked to make this battery.

Though many have assumed the phone to come fat since it’s housing a bigger battery, surprisingly, it’s not. A leaked image of the Galaxy M41 showed the handset fairly thick, but not bulk. This phone was set to launch along with Galaxy M51 months back but was paused due to disturbances caused by COVID-19 breakout.

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