Ramdev Baba Claims to Have Cure For Coronavirus With His New Ayurvedic Medicine
Ramdev Baba Claims to Have Cure For Coronavirus With His New Ayurvedic Medicine

While the whole world is racing to find out a vaccine for the deadly Coronavirus, India’s yoga guru, Ramdev Baba claims to have got one! He unveiled an ayurvedic medical kit named “Coronil and Swasari” which is claimed to have tested on patients and received a 100% success rate! The kit was launched for Rs.545 and be used for 30 days, as he told.

An Ayurvedic Cure?

Medical kit claimed by Ramdev Baba to cure Coronavirus in just 7days!

The ongoing pandemic doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. Yet, countries with extensive resources and expertise are trying to find a vaccine that could help thwart the highly contagious Coronavirus. While many anticipate that it would take months to produce a stable medicine, India’s Ramdev Baba has surprised everyone.

He said, “The whole country and the world were waiting for medicine or vaccine for corona. We are proud to announce that the first Ayurvedic, clinically controlled trial-based evidence and research-based medicine has been prepared by the combined efforts of Patanjali Research Centre and NIMS.” This medical kit will be coming to all Patanjali stores by next week and is priced at Rs.545 per kit.

He further stated that they’ve conducted across many states and received good results. And they’re able to control the virus and its implications. Further, he said that clinical control study on 95 patients was done with the help of NIMS Jaipur, which garnered favorable results. He said that within 3-days, 69% of the patients have tested negative, and the rest recovered within the next four days!

WHO has warned that there’s no alternative cure invented yet. People who are trying homemade cures, traditional methods or even antibiotics, may just lessen the pain for a while. But there’s no official recommendation yet. Besides, those self-made tricks may even cause severe side effects that may further elevate the seriousness of the disease.

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