Polestar 2
Polestar 2

The Chinese made Battery Electric Vehicle, Polestar 2 has been equivalent to Tesla’s Model 3 in most cases. This was stated by Robert Llewellyn from Fully Charged, who test drove hundreds of cars. He explained how Polestar 2 is equivalent to Tesla’s Model 3 in most of the features.

Polestar 2 Is As Good As Tesla’s Model 3!

Tesla has been the leading the Electric Vehicle segment since its inception. The grand BEV brand has recently become the most valuable automobile company pushing back Volkswagen behind. But now, Tesla’s best selling model has a new competitor in the wild. It’s the all-new Polestar 2.

Polestar 2 is the second iteration of Polestar Inc, which was jointly owned by Geely, a Swedish company and Volvo Group. While this benefited the car in terms of design and features, what makes Polestar 2 as a worthy competitor is its supply ability and some inner features.

The car’s production is done in Chengdu, China, thus able to pick up for mass production at emergency times without any hassle. Further, it’s called to be having the best infotainment system than Tesla’s Model 3! Robert Llewellyn in his latest video on Fully Charged has reviewed the Polestar 2, by comparing it with Tesla’s Model 3.

It’s equivalent to Tesla’s Model 3 in most cases, like in inner crafts and EV features, but lacks one important support that Tesla has – The SuperCharge network. Polestar is the new entrant to the US has no wide network as Tesla. Moreover, Polestar 2 has far less range (275 km) than Tesla’s Model 3 (400+ km).

Yet, it’s praised for having Volvo’s inner finishing, Android-based infotainment system and simple design. The car is priced at $59,900 in the US and would go up to $70,000 if added accessories and destination charges.

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