Netflix to Offer Free Access For Two Days to Attract More Customers
Netflix to Offer Free Access For Two Days to Attract More Customers

With near 200 million subscribers, Netflix is planning to expand more globally. The company’s COO cum CPO Greg Peters has revealed a new plan called StreamFest, where the company is offering free access to its platform for two days, over the weekend. This is open for Indian customers initially and may roll to other markets.

Netflix Announced Free Access For Indians

Netflix has long back become the OTT bose with an extensive range of collections. It amassed content from several genres and languages to entertainment all types of people and ages. Thus, people feel worth paying for it, even though it’s high compared to others in the same space.

Now, in the pursuit of expanding the user base, Netflix is known to come up with a new acquisition plan. Greg Peters, the Chief Operating Officer cum Chief Product Officer of Netflix has revealed that the company is launching a two-day StreamFest, where it will offer free access to its entire library for free! This was revealed in the interview of Netflix’s Q3 earnings call, where the company has added 2.2 million more subscribers.

This comes after the company has disabled free 30-day trial version of Netflix in the US. Also, Netflix has earlier announced to offer free streaming access to the first episodes to some of its popular series, so that letting users decide how worth is it to buy a subscription. The free content in this scheme is live now, and include titles like Stranger Things, Bird Box etc.

Now, offering free access for two-days is even big, since there would be no need for submitting any card details, and simple signup is good. Greg Peters says this StreamFest will be made available for the Indian market initially, over the weekend from December 4th. They look up for potential non-subscribers to lure in. And if successful, Netflix may roll out this scheme to other markets.


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