From the leaked source code of Windows XP earlier this week, several developers have found the abandoned themes crafted Windows XP in the early days. Out of many, of particular theme codenamed as Whistler skin with eye candy resembles then famous Apple’s Aqua UI. This includes several buttons including the Start and various UI elements crafted like Apple’s Aqua.

Unreleased Windows XP Resembling as Apple’s Aqua

The dogfight between Apple and Microsoft from the 1980s to the early 2000s was known to every tech fan. They have battled over market share with innovative products and even accused each other of copying one other in many instances. While there are many reports telling about these copying things, there’s an untold truth about Microsoft bluntly copying Apple.

This is about a theme that Microsoft made for Windows XP, and has never released to the public. This was spotted by many from the leaked source code of Windows XP earlier this week, that amazed everyone. Out of many dugout themes, one named as the Whistler skin with eye candy was spotted by developers to call it as Apple’s Aqua theme, which was made for then macOS based PCs.

While this theme was marked to be “for internal purposes only“, it’s probably used by developers as theme engine to make one for Windows XP. Ultimately, Microsoft has launched the XP edition in 2001 with a blue and green Luna theme, which also marked the availability of third-party themes and customising capabilities.

Since this wasn’t released to users back then, some people who’ve discovered the source code dump are now tasting the good old theme. While a question by The Verge to Microsoft has no reply yet, this excavated theme kicks everyone’s mind to think of the old competitive days between Microsoft and Apple.

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