Without any promotions, Microsoft has just launched a much-needed tool for its Windows 10 – A Windows File Recovery. This software helps retrieve the lost files in your computer, that works by scraping them out using traces left. This free tool is available for Windows 10 version 1904 or higher and seems light.

A New File Recovery from Microsoft

Losing files accidentally or intentionally can sometimes cause regret. And a recourse for them is almost impossible. But, here’s a thing coming from the Windows maker, which is free and simple to use. The Windows File Recovery software launched by Microsoft is a fair option for those looking for tools to retrieve deleted, lost or corrupted files.

This software scans the computer to look for files you wanted, and let to pull them back from heaven. It does this in three different processes, based on the inputs and file capabilities. Starting with Default Mode, scanning here will be done based on Master File Table, as MFT and File segments are taken help of to find the lost files.

The next is a Segment Mode, which makes use of name, date, size, type, and the cluster/allocation of the file to search it. And the last, Signature Mode, which is extremely helpful for recovering files from external devices like USB or hard drives. Thus, based on your preferences and file’s capabilities, you can try either of the scans to retrieve files.

Well, if you’re looking for alternatives for this, check the list we’ve compiled for the best and free file recovery softwares with up to 2GB limit. They offer better search and take less time and resources to scan and retrieve the files. Try it here: Windows File Recovery Software

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