Iran Warns US and Israel For Cyberattacks on Its Nuclear Plants
Iran Warns US and Israel For Cyberattacks on Its Nuclear Plants

After a series of explosions occurred on nuclear plants of Iran, the country’s civilian head has finally reasoned it to be a cyberattack by the US and Israel. Thus, a warning was sent to both those countries on Thursday, saying Iran would disclose the evidence supporting claims and also respond to the incident.

Iran Warns US and Israel For Cyberattacks on Its Nuclear Plants

A uranium enrichment plant-based in Natanz, Iran had an explosion earlier this week. This is in the line of attacks happening against many of Iran’s facilities, and possibly to hamper Iran’s nuclear path. The Nantz plant is where Iran is developing next-generation centrifuges – machines that purify uranium and could power the nation with nuclear capabilities.

And an attack on such a facility is anticipated from rivals. From Iran’s disclosure of the incident, a picture depicting a damaged building. That, as described by Iran’s statement, has its roof collapsed, doors to rip off their hinges and even the newly inaugurated parts of the building were blackened by fire.

While it’s hard to attribute the explosion as an accident, sabotage, or a cyberattack, Iran strongly believed the last one and even issued a warning to the US and Israel lately – the two possible adversaries. Why?

Cause these two nations has a record of cyber-attacking Iran’s nuclear plant, using a malicious worm called Stuxnet, which set Iran’s nuclear power years behind. Further, the US killing Iran’s chief general, Qasem Soleimani in January this year, has almost started a third world war.

Thus, in response to this, Iran’s civil defense head, Gholamreza Jalali on Thursday said, “Responding to cyber attacks is part of the country’s defense might. If it is proven that our country has been targeted by a cyberattack, we will respond.”

And since the US in the past warned that the preparation of such machines can push Iran closer to building nuclear weapons, it is also blamed. While according to BBC Persian-language service, a group named as Homeland Cheetahs claimed responsibility for this incident. But as per New York Times, a Middle Eastern Intelligence official said the incident was a result of an explosive device planted within the facility.

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