IPVanish VPN

IPVanish does justify its name, as the service has a wide range of shared IPs to cover their subscriber’s identity online and almost every time. IPVanish has mixed opinions. Few were satisfied with what they get for its price, and few didn’t. But is it worth it? Check out our review on what makes IPVanish a reasonable pick.

Reasons to choose

Its network is fairly spread across 75+ locations with 1,300+ servers. It may not be over several countries but gives enough location choices to be picked. You can hook up ten devices simultaneously and with no cap on bandwidth. It also got the skill switch for disabling the internet while unforeseen dropped connections.

It relies on several VPN standards as IKEv2, OpenVPN over TCP and UDP, L2TP, SSTP, and PPTP. Further, it maintains a strict no-logging policy. This was proved when the company came out clean from an accusation that it stores logs despite claiming no-logging, after being acquired by StackPath. Thus, a check was down to prove its reliability too.

SugarSync is a cloud storage service that offers you sharing files and media into a Drive like service. The service, too, is AES-256 encrypted, and the file transfer is TLS protected. You can save/delete/restore the data whenever you want, even if the device’s lost. Regrading streaming blocked content, IPVanish indeed has some issues with Netflix and BBC iPlayer, as the network hits error when switched to other regions. But it works fine with Hulu and Prime video.

After all, one strong reason to suggest IPVanish other than no-logging is the speed. The service would garner an average ping of 100+ and 50+ download/5+ upload speeds. That may not seem so much, but there’s nothing more you may do with higher speeds than these. Gaming and streaming content at these speeds are feasible.

It has Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android clients to serve you. There’s even router support too. And with a price tag of $3.5/year, it’s worth trying if you want speedier connections at fair security standards. Try it here: IPVanish

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