iPhone 12 leaks from Jon Prosser
iPhone 12 leaks from Jon Prosser

The Apple community is having high expectations for the upcoming iPhone 12 series. While the maker has officially confirmed it to be delayed, rumors are well on time. A new leak from Jon Prosser showed the live video of an iPhone handset, probably the model 12 Pro Max which is more of a test piece made before mass production. Yet, we have seen enough details about the display in it. Only 3 Hours left till apple introduce their iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 Live Leak Shows Display and Others

Jon Prosser is an Apple insider who previously leaked the official dates of the iPhone 12 series launch. While they’re set to be in mid-October, leaks showing the major features and handset style has already come up. In his YouTube channel named Front Tech Page, Jon has given us a glance at the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, where it showed details about its display design and camera settings.

In the video, the iPhone 12 handset has a wide notch, thus confirming the latest phones aren’t moving to punch-holes or drop notches. Moreover, there’s an option for LiDAR sensor-enabled, which confirms the availability of this feature. Other options include the “enable high refresh rate” or “enable adaptive refresh rate” in-camera settings options, which gives a hint of having the 120Hz refresh rate.

This could be limited to only the Pro versions though, as the standard iPhone 12 and Plus versions may come with 60Hz display. The handset that Jon showed us is from the Production Validation Test, which is more like a post-sample and pre-official piece that’s being manufactured only 5-10% of the actual mass production quantity. Yet, we feel it’s the official handset at least for now.

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