UK Bans Huawei From Its 5G Networks (1)
UK Bans Huawei From Its 5G Networks (1)

Huawei has achieved its dream of becoming the NO.1 smartphone seller has finally come true in the last quarter. The Chinese tech giant has moved to the top position by shipping 55.8 million handsets in Q2 of 2020. But analysts doubt this position to be short-termed since it got most of the support from China only.

Huawei Becomes World’s No.1 Smartphone Brand!

Huawei has finally made it to the top position as the highest selling smartphone brand of the world in the last quarter. The company has shipped about 55.8 million smartphones, as per Canalys reports, across the globe in the months between April to June this year. This gained the Huawei top spot by pushing Samsung and Apple to the next positions.

But, here’s the catch. Analysts believe the just gained top spot could be temporary, since the growth Huawei achieved was limited. Out of 55.8 million smartphones it shipped, 70% were from China only! The global sales of Huawei has dropped by 5% year-on-year basic. On the other hand, Samsung has shipped 53.7 million phones around the globe, which also took 30% plunge on compared to last year’s Q2.

while the grand rise of Chinese base is because of strong nationalism, the fall of overseas sales of Huawei is because of US sanctions, analysts say. The Chinese company was barred from dealing with American companies since last year over security reasons, and need a special;l license to gain access to american technologist.

This has cut Huawei from Google services, but still keeping the base. This may not affect Chinese as they are not used to Google, but it’s a big matter for all overseas markets where Google is addictive. This has forced the company to invent its own OS called HarmonyOS. But, all these couldn’t assure Huawei to remain in the top position for so long.


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