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Indian government’s notice on banning 59 Chinese apps isn’t surprising. The multi-cultured nation is fighting with China on the border, over land issues. Thus, as a cyber retaliation, the Indian government released a list of 59 Chinese apps that are being banned from 29th June onwards. The list includes TikTok, but it’s still accessible for existing users. How?

This is basic. Though apps are banned officially, they’re still accessible to existing users. It’s just, they’re removed from Playstore and Appstore. Though new users cannot be able to download them now, current users can still view and upload videos. So, it’s not a complete blanket ban on TikTok, but just disallowing users to download it. Yet, interested users can share app from existing users.

If not this, they can try using VPN to bypass the ban, and install TikTok from Playstore or Appstore. Check here for our best VPNs that allow TikTok. For those who are not having the TikTok already, it will not be shown in the Playstore or Appstore. Thus, you cannot. But as said, sharing it from your friend or using a VPN can still get you this.

So, wondering if it’s illegal to use even after banning, it is. But, this wouldn’t be seen much by authorities as there are millions of users. But this could still land you in trouble. Further, there’s a risk of your ISP monitoring your activity. Thus, if found using TikTok still, it can cause you troubles as it’s banned now.

Nikhil Gandhi, head of TikTok India said he was invited to talk with concerned authorities, for a chance of reviving the TikTok’s life in India. It was not the first TikTok was banned in India, and it came back after all allegations.

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