Happy New Year Wishes 2020: For Family, Friends, and Loved Ones

What’s common for all religions? You could say peace, gods, respecting each other and blah blah blah. But when asked about festivals, English Happy New Year is something that everyone agrees on celebrating together. Isn’t it?

And with less than a month to wrap this year up, everyone’s making up their resolutions and gathering some best wishes to greet their buds and pals. So here we are, gathered few best wishes from numerous sources and categorized ’em accordingly. Have fun reading and sharing them.

Happy New Year Wishes for Family

  • Being a part of this family is everything I could ask for. This year is going to be full of love and happiness, and I promise to always be there for you, just like you’re always there for me. Happy New Year!
  • For me, New Year’s night is the night when the whole family unites. I feel so blessed to have all of you in my life. Thank you, and happy New Year!
  • My dear family, I want you to know one thing: all that really matters to me is your happiness and prosperity. Being a member of such a beautiful family is a real blessing and I will be grateful to you forever. Happy 2020!
  • Winter holidays are my favourite time of the year because it’s usually cold enough to find myself in the warm arms of my loving family. Happy New Year!
  • Sometimes I really regret that I can’t afford to spend enough time with my precious family, but I believe that on New Year’s night I can fix it all. Can’t wait to see you tonight! Happy New Year!

Happy New Years for Loved Ones

  • I’m writing my New Year’s resolution, and loving you is at the top of my list. Happy New Year, dear one.
  • I can’t believe I have this amazing life with you by my side. Cheers to another year of growing, loving and persisting. Happy New Year!
  • We make a great team. Also, a great party pair. Let’s show the world a good party tonight. Happy New Year! Together forever with love, respect, and devotion – that’s us. New Year’s day is a great time to
  • Distance does not change the love I have for you. From across the seas, Happy New Year to my love.
  • You brought light to my dark soul, and I am forever grateful that we are together. Happy New Year to my wonder woman.

Happy New Years for Friends

  • If all the heartbreaks and troubles from the last year didn’t make you strong, let me wish one more year full of agony and tears. I really want you to be stronger. Happy new year!
  • Here’s a new year wish from a wise fellow asking you to donate more of your wealth so they can be spent by the right hands. Happy new year!
  • I hope growing up is not included in your resolution this year. Let’s just live it like the old ones and we can grow up in some other years. Happy new year 2020, partner!
  • Happy new year! How’d it be if instead of bringing happiness, joy and peace, new year’s brought cash, fame and champagne?
  • If you were born in September, it is better to assume that your parents started their new year successfully.
  • Before I get drunk, dance on the bar, lose my phone, get naked and get arrested, Let me wish you Happy New Year.
  • This Year may god motivate you to indulge less in office gossips. Happy New Year!
  • New Year Resolution: tolerate friends and family with extreme care even when they burn down your privacy!
  • I’m gonna order a pizza five minutes before the new year and when they arrive I will say I ordered this a year ago, lol.

Happy New Years for Short and Sweet

  • Tomorrow is your initial blank page of a 365-page publication. Write a great one.
  • Expecting your smiles to become bigger in 2020. Happy New Year.
  • Scatter joy and love where you go.
  • Hope your New Year is full of victory, health, joy and, prosperity. Happy New Year!
  • May the new year see you loving, giving and living!
  • Life is short – dream big and make the most of 2020!
  • Give wings to your dreams and let them come true in 2020.

Poetic Wishes

Looking back on the months gone by,
 As a new year starts and an old one ends,
 We contemplate what brought us joy,
 And we think of our loved ones and our friends.

Recalling all the happy times,
 Remembering how they enriched our lives,
 We reflect upon who really counts,
 As the fresh and bright new year arrives.

And when I/we ponder those who do,
 I/we immediately think of you.

Thanks for being one of the reasons I’ll/We’ll have a Happy New Year!

By Joanna Fuchs
(Find more at Poemsource.com)

I hope you found at least a few of them related to you. If did, share them with your friends and celebrate together. And yeah, wishes (in advance) from us too.

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