We all know the importance of marketing in every business. The special wing is responsible for procuring visitors, turning them to leads, and finally converting them into customers.

While the flow seemed easy, the practical process isn’t. So if you’re small buisness or even an intensive marketing individual with rapid growth, here’s our suggestion of the best marketing software out there – GetResponse.

GetResponse is the whole platform, which means it’s capable of handling all the tasks that arise from the beginning to the end of making a satisfied customer. And since every business is onboarding online eventually, trying online marketing too becomes essential. Thus, GetResponse is the one you should choose. And here’s why;

Email Marketing

GetResponse helps you to custom and responsive templates for Newsletters, Autoresponders, Automated Emails, Segmentation, and Blog digests. It’s got a deep repository of stock images, hundreds of templates etc to choose from. Here the more explanation of each;

GetResponse Review 2020


Bag in your visitor to enrol for a subscription of your newsletter, where you can send them regular emails to inform about latest offers, requests to continue, new launches and their promos etc.


Dividing your visitors based on their engagement could lead to better results, as you would know their preferences better. The aim of segmenting our visitors or leads to having a better conversion rate by sending them personalised messages/emails. Though this is a hefty task as sending personalised emails to everyone, segmenting could make it easy, by following the next process.

Autoresponders and Auto-emails

After dividing your base into different segments based on engagements, you can now automate the system to follow certain responses accordingly. This is to follow them with emails and bringing back to where they had left engaging with your campaign. This can be done through pop-up notifications, emails, AI messages etc.

If you’ve set the right conditions and responses to your segmented visitors or userbase, this could help you a lot by removing much stress from you. Remember, Automation is key for quick success.

Conversion Funnel

GetResponse helps you craft the best effective funnel of converting your visitors to customers. Here, it does;

Can Buy Targeted Ads on Social Sites

You can buy targeted ads for Facebook and Instagram right from your GetResponse panel. These can help you drive more traffic to your landing pages. You can create animations in minutes using the readymade templates available from the huge library of GetResponse.

Landing Pages

This thing should be made best as possible, as it would create a strong impression for your visitors. GetResponse gives you handy tools to create responsive landing pages. All you need to do is to drag and drop slots or features onto the page to make it look better, and helpful for the visitors.

You can set web forms, webinar countdowns etc wherever you desire on the page. You can embed videos and attach game boxes too for making it more interactive. You can run free or paid webinars for your visitors or subscribers, without using any third-party softwares.

E-commerce build up

You can setup a complete store for your products and craft conversion-focused sales pages. You can import products from popular stores like Shopify, Etsy, Magento, WooCommerce etc. And GetResponse provides a wide range of payment options like PayPal, PayU, Stripe, Square etc in-built to your site.

Ans wherever a customer of yours made a purchase, the system itself sends a confirmation email of the purchase and payment within seconds. Thus, fulfilling all the duties of a conversion funnel from beginning to end.


GetResponse comes at a price, which you feel justifiable for the features its offering. The service has four types of plans to choose from, viz Basic for $15/mon, Plus for $49/mon, Professional for $99/mon and Max set for custom pricing based on your requirements.

The tier goes up based on your preferences, as if you’re a budding marketer, we recommend picking the first plans. And if you’re an entity, go for the high-end plans to reap the most of it.

Try it here: GetResponse

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