New Complaint says Facebook is Discriminating Against Black Workers
New Complaint says Facebook is Discriminating Against Black Workers

New Complaint says Facebook is Discriminating Against Black Workers. This comes as an allegation from an African American manager and two Black job applicants who had applied for jobs on Facebook.

Facebook Discriminating against Black Workers! 

Facebook Discrimination against Black Workers
Facebook Discrimination against Black Workers

Oscar Veneszee Jr., an African American manager at Facebook, has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC is a federal body that watches over civil rights laws in employment. The body also keeps an eye on workplace discrimination.

The complaint which was made by Mr. Oscar says: “Donating millions of dollars to civil rights organizations does not wash away or justify the unfairness, inequality, and hostility that Black workers experience every day at Facebook — when they are turned down for jobs for which they are exceedingly qualified when they are unfairly evaluated by mostly white peers and managers when they are denied promotions by overwhelmingly white managers, when they are reprimanded or criticized for sharing their constructive views about diversity when their lower pay reflects these systemic biases, and when they are assumed to not match the white-dominated ‘culture fit’ that drives so many employment decisions at Facebook,”

Mr. Oscar has also said that he was aware that he had to work harder than other employees who are a different color than him. It is also brought by two African American workers recruited by Veneszee but not hired by the company, despite what the lawsuit says were qualifications above the stated requirements for the positions that they applied for.

It is said that Facebook has been discriminating against people of color after a Black Executive quit in anger two years ago over the poor treatment of the Black Workers who accounted for 4% of the workforce on Facebook. The employees were allegedly treated poorly and were said not to participate in “Black Stuff” and not join any forums that were used by Black People.

Facebook, who is under a huge amount of pressure after more than 500 advertisers have left the platform after Facebook failed to control the racist and hateful content. Many of the employees are protesting against Mark Zuckerberg for the infamous decision in which he allowed a racist post of Donald Trump to stay on the site which called for violence against the Minnesota Protestors.

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