Virtual Private Network, or VPN popularly, is the best choice one can make for securing themselves online. Many opportunists and even our government could be spying on us if we found it suspicious. This could be a pity, but a be avoided. Usage of a secure VPN as ExpressVPN can shade you from prying eyes on the internet.

We’ll go through all the important factors a VPN should have and enlighten you on how ExpressVPN excelled in all of them.


Firstly, ExpressVPN itself originated from the British Virgin Islands, which is an overseas territory with a self-governing body and strict laws for protecting the user and business privacy. Thus, assure the maker is not much obligated to any authority’s orders for disclosing data.

Aside, the company set its 3000+ servers over 160 locations in 94 countries, which is the largest network in the VPN space. This gives the user a number of choices to pick from around 160 locations! The platform even suggests the best ones pick up based on signal quality, speed, and others, making it easier for the user.

Speed Test

It maintained an average ping of 120+ when connected, and has speeds that other VPNs considered close. With download speeds of above 70mbps and upload speeds of 20mbps, it maintained the same relative speeds in most of its locations.

Its latency never crossed 250 milliseconds, thus making it the best choice for VPN gaming. After all, we conclude this as the best VPN in terms of speed. Don’t believe us? Check it by yourself.

Content Streaming

If you’ve understood how VPNs work, you must have known that it’s capable of bypassing geographical limitations. Apparently, it allows users to stream TV shows, movies, etc that are blocked in their region, but available in other regions. Unblocking content from sites like Netflix, Prime, Hulu or others is easier than ever.

Privacy and Security

It follows the 256-AES security protocol to leave no leaks in its traffic tunneling. It has a built-in kill switch to stop open network traffic whenever disconnected VPN. Further supports several VPN protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP to guard you more and let you torrent securely. It maintains a strict no-logging policy and assures user privacy above all. And yeah, you can hook up to 5 devices simultaneously with this same security.


After all, there would be no use if the service is hard to handle even after embedded with many features. The way it represents itself to the user is important. Making it easier to navigate can help them love the service much, and it did. ExpressVPN is available in three formats viz: mobile app, desktop application, and as a browser extension.

The mobile app’s simple and easy to handle. So is the other two. The browser extension has UI the same as a mobile version and doesn’t compromise in any manner. It disables WebRTC, blocks HTML5 geolocation, and connects automatically to HTTPS sites whenever possible.

It’s available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and as a browser extension for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. You can try this with a 30-day trial version, and can stop anytime if not satisfied, no questions asked. Good isn’t it?


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