If you’re stuck at homes like us, you’re also probably be watching updates about Coronavirus. While we can’t help but stay at home, we could learn more about it by foreseeing the consequences. What if I say there’s a movie portrayed a pandemic like the one we’re going through now. It’s Contagion, a fine thriller directed by Steven Soderbergh and casts Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kate Winslet.

This movie draws its inspiration from the past significant incidents as SARS (2003) and Swine Flu (2009). It would depict a similar pandemic from the views of politicians, public and doctors. This would be worth watching one while you’re at home. So here’s how you can stream it;


Sadly, Contagion isn’t listed on Netflix except for Canadians! The grand movie is listed in Top 10 trending in Canada’s Netflix servers, thus, changing your VPN to Canada can help. If you’re not having one, here’s our best recommendation – ExpressVPN, and find out why we picked it in the first place.

Others movies or series similar to Contagion are Outbreak and Pandemic. An interesting thing to notice here is, a Chinese web series named My Secret Terrius has an episode mentioned about Coronavirus! Find out more about it.

Other options

Aside Netflix, this is particularly owned by Cinemax. This led the owner to rent it out to other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video $9.99 (US) or £7.99 (UK). Further, you may watch it through Hulu with a free trial (if you’re a new customer) or by subscribing to it for as cheap as $5.99/month. Other options include buying/renting on iTunes for $3.99, Google Play Movies & TV and YouTube.

This could be a simple choice if you’ve opted for a VPN, as they bypass what all these platforms restricted to – geographical limitations. So if you’re considering that, remember the top-notch service – ExpressVPN.

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