Escaping heatwaves amidst the ever-rising temperatures isn’t easy, after all. Instead, you should be searching for a good and robust air conditioning machine that keeps you chill and comes with you wherever you go. Thus, we introduce – Blaux portable AC.

Blaux Portable AC

Beaux’s portable AC is compact, cool, and wonderful. It’s aesthetically made to carry anywhere easily, and capable of working with minimal intake and still producing unbelievable output. And if you wish to delve more into the details, we’d love to explain too;

Why Blaux Portable AC Is Good?

A Simple Design

Blaux Portable AC is made up of a qualitative polymer that just lasts long. It’s got a fine rubber handle to carry easily and weighs less than two pounds! Being compact, it could be adjusted almost anywhere and still works perfectly.


Though it got many works running inside, it processes them quietly. Thus, it can be right beside you and sleep without any disturbances. Another feature as Mood Light would also help make your room fairly lighted, to et you rest peacefully.

Rapid Cooling

Blaux Portable AC takes less than 10 minutes to cool down a master bedroom. While you can see the cold air prevailing around under one minute of it turned on, give it some time to bring down the room temperature significantly.

Several Operating Modes

You can choose between AC or a simple fan, or the level of chillness to your atmosphere. Blaux gives you all the power you need to make your surroundings as you desire.

Low Power Consumption

It doesn’t hit your pockets as your general ACs do. It consumes less than 10% of what your wall-mount ACs take and still goes comparable with them. And on moving, the 200mAh battery is quite useful for chilling you down for an average period.

Where to Buy Blaux Portable AC?

It’s available only online, that too from its original site only. Though Blaux got limited partners to sell, it can ship anywhere in the world via its quick supply chain system. The product is priced at $89.99 a piece, but we suggest taking at least two units of it to have an ultra-rich experience.

And since it perfectly balanced the price to specifications ratio, it’s often hard to get, particularly in the summer season. But the maker is trying to stock up units as much as possible to deliver your needs, thus check before proceeding.

Buy it here: Blaux Portable AC

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