Blackpink, the lady quartet group of from k-pop has conquered a YouTube record for garnering maximum views in a single day. The girl group from Seoul has released a new music video called How You Like That on Friday, which received tremendous response from their fans to break the previous single-day record of 74.6 million by BTS, and made 84.2 million views, and stands at 130 million currently.

A New Single-Day Record!

Korean Pop has picked up in recent times and is now loved by most. There are k-pop fans everywhere and are addicted to lavish lifestyle and music of k-pop bands. Out of many, the popular girls’ band, Blackpink has just released a video after taking a year-long break. With the title How You Like That, the quartet – Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo has become the new talk of the town.

Blackpink fans, who call themselves as Blinks, have set-up a new record for their beloved band with 84.2 million views in just a day, and now standing with 130 million views at the time of writing this. The music video, which is slightly over than three minutes, sees all four girls in different sets like rainforests, ice palaces, domed halls and with umbrellas.

Upon capturing the YouTube’s biggest premier, Jisoo in a pre-release press conference said, “We sang to give the message of not being daunted by dark situations and to not lose the confidence and strength to stand up again.” To recall, Blackpink is the first k-pop band to reach a billion views on their Ddu-Du Ddu-Du song, which was released last year.

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