Vexed on being blocked by various websites? Or just want something that masks your online identity for better privacy? Whatever your cause could be, realize that you’re having a lot of options to pass through in this open world. One viable option is the usage of Proxy Services, which of course, you know are the things used for activities like web scraping, finding the best deals on sneakers, ad verification, etc.

While there are a number of possibilities you can crack with proxy services, a major question to address here is – Which Proxy Should I Use? Or What Kind of Proxy Should I Be Using For my Need? Glad if you’re thinking the same, as we’ve collected the best proxy services from around the world and listed their niche properties to help you decide which one to pick for what.

Here you go;

Bright Data (formerly Luminati)

Luminati has just changed its name to Bright Data and is ultimately on everyone’s list because we hardly found any flaw using it. It specializes in all the needs you ask for, like scraping data from the internet to visiting websites that are blocked for your region, Bright Data gets things done in no time.

Wondering why we brag about it so much. Find out – Bright Data is having the world’s largest IP pool of 70+ million IP addresses. This makes your work more flexible, as you can choose among a lot of location options. It’s compatible with all your web services and has above 99% uptime and service performance.

You can start with a free 7-day trial of Bright Data, and have 100% control over your web sessions. A good thing here is the Bright Data (Luminati) Manager, an open-source UI with a lot of tools to help customize your work. It’s available as an API, app, and Chrome extension.

While these being the reasons to pick, you should consider the costs of using Bright Data too. It doesn’t have any free plans, and the starting tier is from $500 a month which you can use accordingly for data center, residential or mobile IPs. Also, its email support is slow and should struggle initially to use the software. Well, you may learn about every option by clicking on the “i” tag right beside it.

Try it here – Bright Data


Smartproxy is on our list for a very good reason – affordability. While it doesn’t have an extensive IP pool like Luminati but satisfies you anyway. It’s having over 40 million residential IP addresses from about 195 countries, which is fair enough to fulfill your needs. It can easily integrate with other services and compatible with most proxy needs.

Drawbacks include the limited bandwidth and have no free trial version to taste before trying out. But, it’s having the best flexible plans starting from just $75 a month and suits well for starters and huge enterprises.

Try it here – Smartproxy


Been in the market since 2012, Shifter is the go-to proxy service if you wanted to have unlimited bandwidth. Yes, it’s unlikely other proxy services provide limited bandwidth and can cause holes in your pocket. With a fair pool of 31 million IP addresses, Shifter has flexible plans and does all the basic jobs that a proxy service should do.

These include SEO, online shopping, ad verification, price comparison, web testing, etc. However, you may sometimes be blocked visiting legitimate sites like Amazon, so contact the support to make them leave your preferences as adjusted. Also, speed could be a bit drawback in Shifter, and also the customer support.

But with decent pricing and the advantage of unlimited bandwidth, you shouldn’t be complaining much. It’s the preferred service if you wanted to download something huge or binge-watch shows.

Try it here – Shifter


MyPrivateProxy is the best datacenter proxy service provider out there, with extensive location options and the fastest dedicated IP addresses. While it’s known that datacenter IPs are much prone to blocking, MyPrivateProxy’s aren’t. Understanding the situation, it has set out a number of dedicated IP addresses which are specially made for that task.

With good customer support, MyPrivateProxy has a wide range of plans suiting everyone but doesn’t have a free trial. Yet, its datacenter IPs are one of the fastest in the industry and are less prone to be blocked by bots.

Try it here – MyPrivateProxy


StormProxies is on our list for two good reasons – affordability and bandwidth. Though it may lag behind the other industry players like Luminati, it has its own share of pros to do the basic jobs, and appeal to users. It’s the best proxy service for budget users streaming or downloading unlimited content.

This is because StormProxies has diverse plans starting cheaply, and provides unlimited bandwidth surprisingly. For this, it’s having cons like the small IP pool, thus limited location options. While these form as a drawback, its proxy manager is one of the best in the industry.

The StormProxies manager has a simple UI with main options on the home page, and others navigable easily within. As you can choose plans based on your preferences, you’ll be allowed to tune your usage accordingly.

Try it here – StormProxies

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