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If you’re one of those users who set simple passwords like “123456” or “password” for most of your online accounts, guess what, you’re doomed! Most of those accounts may have been compromised or been traded among hackers. Thus, to avoid such things from happening, it’s good to use a dedicated password manager.

Password managers aren’t just the storage vaults, but also advisors of strong passwords and much more. Some follow the hardest possible encryption methods to keep your passwords safe and also alerting for any online compromises of your passwords. Thus, here’s our list of three best and reliable password managers which have A-Z protection;


It’s the simplest manager you can find. But it’s also one of the most reliable platforms to store your passwords. Dashlane isn’t just limited to storing but also gets you a free VPN and Site Breach Alerts. Here, Dashlane searches every nook of the web to find out whether your password has been compromised or not. Thus, you can change it did.

Moreover, Dashlane gives an option to store your passwords within your vault of the device and generates an encryption key to unlock them every time you wanna see.

Try it here: Dashlane


It initially started for Apple-only products, but eventually moved to other platforms including as a browser plug-in too. But that’s not how 1Password is good at, but for syncing all your passwords across all those devices.

Besides being a password manager, 1Password has a built-in authenticator app and creates a strong encryption key at the setup. This is similar to Dashlane’s, thus, you should be keeping it safe. And the one good reason 1Password is appreciated for is the Travel Mode, where you can delete the sensitive data and restore it later.

Try it here: 1Password


Offered by NordVPN, a well-known name in VPN space. NordPass does everything from securing passwords to suggesting strong ones, and also has two-factor authentication and lets you encrypt all your passwords before lodging into its servers. Thus, safe and reliable.

Try it here: NordPass

After all, if you’re thinking to settle with the basic browser password manager which comes by default, remember, paid managers have their perks. Besides, they’re not so limited as browsers, which have to focus much on their browsing actions rather than securing the password manager. Thus, pick a service which is dedicated to this work.

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