If you’re like us feeling bored at home due to ongoing lockdown, here’s a way to cure that. Your best friend, Google came up with a simple plan of retrieving its best Doodle games from the past. These simple games may not possess high graphics but are addictive enough to pass the time. Google decides to run one best game a day from its archives for two weeks. Starting today, you can play these on your browser itself.

The ongoing pandemic has created enough havoc in the world. With rising deaths and new infections, every nation decided to lockdown for a month or two to avoid further spreading. And this led many to stick to their homes and rely on work-from-home softwares to continue their anyway. But, what’s replacing your outdoor gaming?

Well, video gaming inside your home couldn’t be an effective replacement for physical sports, but at least, it’s a way to kill some time for relaxation. And if you’re lacking any heavy equipment other than just a computer (or even a smartphone), head over to Google for playing some best doodle games. Unlike PlayStation or Xbox, these simple games don’t need consoles, joysticks, or other gaming gears, but just a mouse and keyboard.

To help people stay at home and safe, Google’s contributing in its own way in the form of Doodles. Few popular games were picked from archives to let you play now.

Our recommendations

Google Doodled Pac-Man

The one classic which we cannot forget at all. Pac-Man is the game of all times, and ages. Try eating the maxim points while escaping from killers in Google’s maze.

The Wizard Cat

It’s more like a spin-off from Harry Potter. You’d be playing a wizard cat to sway ghosts, either by busting them to ash or falling prey for them.

Basketball Shooting

While we cannot become another Steph Curry or Chris Jordan in real life, here’s a chance in virtual life. Kill your spacebar until you shoot a perfect into the basket. Compete with friends for more enjoyment.

Rubik’s Cube

Most of us suck at this, at least me. Try attaining the same colors at least on one side, but if able to solve the entire thing, you have my respect.


Compose the best track with some turntables, which allows you to mix and scratch music. Start your hip-hop career with a simple tool from Google.

Note: These may show up in Google’s plan this week, if not, search for the doodle library manually.

Starting today, you can play for the next two weeks till mid-May. The first game set for today is Coding for Carrots, which is the 50th-anniversary celebration of Logo Programming language meant for kids. First featured in 2017, retrieved now playing. It’s interactive and addictive. Try it – Coding for Carrots

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